Jack Reacher Movie Release Date: December 15 Premiere Will Be in Pittsburgh, Not NYC


Film premieres are usuaully held in the same likely round-up of glamazon cities; New York, London, Los Angeles. But, for the premiere of One Shot, the Jack Reacher film starrring Tom Cruise, the red carpet will be unfurled in an unlikely locale: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Premiering the film in Pittsburgh is a massive economic and PR opportunity for the rust belt city. One Shot was filmed in and around Pittsburgh last year, and with cast and crew (including Cruise and author Lee Child) returning to the city for the U.S. premiere on December 15, all eyes will be on Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh is often the location of film shoots but it rarely, if ever, gets the red carpet treatment. The small city has served as the backdrop for big-name pictures like The Perks of Big a Wallflower, Wonder Boys, and The Dark Knight Rise, but all of those blockbusters opened elsewhere.

Dawn Keezer, the film office director at the Pittsbugh Film Office, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "The Pittsburgh Film Office is thrilled and excited that Paramount Pictures is going to host the U.S. premiere of Jack Reacher ... We've never, in the history of the film office, had an event like this ..."

While the film has faced some ahead-of-release scruitny for its casting of Tom Cruise in the title role (Reacher is meant to be 6'5" ... Cruise is 5'7" on a good day), the Pittsburgh premiere is an homage to the often-overlooked city that fans can really rally behind. 

The film's director Christopher McQuarrie said of the city, "We had an extraordinary experience shooting in Pittsburgh ... the local crew was fantastic, and the city was unbelievably accommodating. We felt very welcome — even with all the noise we made."  

Film shoots are big business for these smaller scales cities; but its often a bit thankless. Providing those cities the glitz and glam of the premiere, is a nice way to say thanks and spread a little of that Hollywood stardust.