10 Best Anderson Cooper Tweets of All Time: 10 of the 14,000 Reasons Why We Love Him


Anderson Cooper recently received a lot of media attention for some snarky tweets he posted a few days ago during his assignment in Gaza. In the Twittersphere, Cooper is well known for his sarcastic and snide tweet exchanges, with well over 3.3 million followers. Cooper is loved and revered by fans around the world and has quite the celebrity status that has transcended his news role on CNN. 

Some 14,000 tweets later, here are some of Anderson Cooper's best tweets that showcase why our generation loves him so much:

1. Check out that sass. We totally approve. 

2. Did you want some ice with that burn? Cooper nails his comebacks. 

3. Cooper takes time to appreciate and acknowledge his fan base.

4. Arguably, this controversial tweet exchange has gotten Cooper the most media attention. 

It's impressive how Cooper took time to actually creep on that lady's tweet history to come up with the best zinger. Millenials approve of Cooper's social media stalking abilities. 

5. Cooper risks his life to help spread the creation of democracy. 

Who doesn't love democracy and freedom of expression?

6. Cooper shows us his "normal civilian" side. 

Maybe he isn't so different from any of us after all. Wait, who are we kidding?

7. Cooper is still sexy while covered in mud. 

Besides, have you seen those mesmerizing blue eyes?

8. Anderson Cooper is a classy man. 

9. Anderson Cooper hates commercials too.

10. He came out this past June in an email to the Daily Beast's Andrew Sullivan.

Cooper remained humble and grateful for the outpouring of support, and continued to be committed to his work.