Jon Stewart: Watch Him Mercilessly Take Down Union Haters (+Video)


Jon Stewart, the host of Comedy Central's The Daily Showweighed in on the Walmart Black Friday strike and the bankruptcy of Hostess during Tuesday's show – reported HuffPo

"Unions will stop at nothing to destroy our way of life," fired Stewart in his ironic trademark style. "And Walmart is not the only American treasure on their hit list," he continued.

He then played footage of a Fox News Channel anchor that lamented, "if you love Twinkies brace for this one [bad news]." He followed with a collage from different reporters who basically blamed unions "for the demise of the iconic American snack/dessert."

"Where will I get the stuff for my stomachaches and my self medication," said Stewart mocking the seriousness of these reporters when reciting Hostess' obituaries. "What could have destroyed this American diabetes dispensary?" he continued. 

Stewart, who turned 50-years-old today, blasted those who blamed union and workers for the demise of Hostess and the problems of Walmart, one of the largest private employers in the country. 

"You know, those 'greedy, hourly, slightly over the poverty line employees' that just take and take and take," Stewart said ironically.

He concluded by ironically reminding American Walmart workers "how lucky they are" that they aren't working for Walmart in Bangladesh. 

Watch the clip below: