Photos From the Warzone: Life As a Palestinian During the Israeli Assault on Gaza


Editor's Note: PolicyMic Pundit Anna Day traveled to Gaza and captured the Israel-Hamas war from the perspective of the Palestinians living in Gaza. These 17 photos tell the story.

1) A young man surveys the destruction of his neighborhood in Gaza City.

2) Glimpses of Gaza's Past: Palestinians use an old Israeli truck to pick up shrapnel and debris from the war.

3)  Two young men stand amidst the rubble of a Palestinian security compound. "It was a security center for the Ottomans, the British, the Egyptians, the Israelis, and then Hamas... All of our occupiers," says one young Palestinian activist, critical of Hamas leadership in Gaza.

4) Ambulances entered Gaza's Shifa Hospital into the night as Israel and Hamas hostilities continued up until the minute of the declared ceasefire.

5) After a week of sleepless nights, these doctors re-group in Shifa Hospital's ICU. "Most people are dead before they make it to the hospital. Most, almost all of them actually, are civilians," describes one doctor.

6) A father prays as he waits at Gaza's Shifa Hospital. 

7) One of the last major strikes of the Israeli Airforce hit a soccer stadium in Gaza City midday on Wednesday, November 21st.

8)  Rocks and debris litter a soccer stadium in Gaza City, one of the last major strikes by the Israeli Air Force before the ceasefire.

9) Palestinian street art illustrates "the Armed Resistance," the history of Palestinian armed struggle.

10) This painting shows a Palestinian youngster with a slingshot aiming it at Israel's Western weaponry.

11) This mural survived the Israeli air strikes, depicting a Palestinian fighter in Palestine's armed resistance against Israeli occupation.

12) At the Gaza Seaport, this crater illuminates the power of Israel's western weapons systems. Craters like these speckle Gaza's landscape.

13) Gazan civilians are back on the streets in the days following the ceasefire, determined to reclaim their lives and a sense of normalcy despite the remnants of war.

14) This Palestinian priest finishes performing a funeral. Palestinian Christians suffered along with their Muslim counterparts, and thus, some support the armed Islamic resistance. Yet, reports of threats against the Palestinian Christian community under an increasingly conservative Muslim leadership have kept this community on its toes.

15) Men of all ages join the Hamas rally after Friday prayer at this mosque in Gaza City.

16)  Some Palestinian youngsters arrive with these unity flags, supporting Palestinian unity between Fatah and Hamas following years of fall out since the democratic elections of Hamas in 2006.

17)  A young Palestinian boy joins the Hamas rally as many Palestinians celebrate the strength of "The Resistance."