Who is John McAfee, and Why is He on the Run


John McAfee, the eccentric intenet security mogul, who is a bath salts enthusiast, and is sought in Belize for a murder investigation, came out of hiding and spoke to CNN about his bizarre ordeal.  

"It hasn't been a lot of fun. I miss my prior life. Much of it has been deprivation. No baths, poor food," McAfee told CNN on Friday.  

McAfee, who according ABC News, "dropped an f-bomb on national television" to explain what he says are the "corrupt" efforts of Belize's authorities to interrogate him about the November 11 murder of Gregory Faull claimed someone poisoned his dogs (the supposed source of the Faull-McAfee Caribbean feud).

McAfee, who worked as a programmer for NASA and then made a fortune with the famous McAfee anti-virus software, moved to the Caribbean amid the 2007-08 recession, and reportedly lost most of his wealth in sex, drugs and rock and roll. He claims he didn't kill Faull, but refuses to turn himself in claiming his priority is "to clear his name." He started a blog, "Who is McAfee," where he chronicles his life on the run and denounces Belize's authorities supposed corrupt quest to "get him."  

He confesses to be uncertain about the outcome of his saga. But pledges to continue, "fighting." "I will certainly not turn myself in, and I will certainly not quit fighting. I will not stop my blog," he says.