Jack Reacher Movie Release Date: American Bond Arrives on December 15


Jack Reacher, the film adaptation of the 2005 novel One Shot by Lee Child, premieres in theaters on December 15 with Tom Cruise playing the iconic character and prompting comparisons to Jason Bourne and Ian Fleming's legendary James Bond 007.

The movie, filmed entirely on location in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has fans of the book series going gaga worldwide — though some have complained about the casting choice, specifically because the actor and character's physical incompatibility.  

According to The Playlist, a new featurette has been released for the film, which again has generated certain controversy among die hard fans of the character as it invokes the names of James Bond and Jason Bourne (some say this comparisons aren't accurate).

But PolicyMic's film critic, Daniel Tanure, disagrees:

"If it’s inside his comfort zone, he [Cruise] can pull it off, and his comfort zone isn’t that limited either, considering he pretty much nailed his role in Magnolia. And when we’re talking about American James Bonds, he’s the go-to guy. His Ethan Hunt is already among the higher Pantheon of action heroes, and apparently he is going to double his take with Jack Reacher, after that Knight and Day dude totally phoned it in."