The 25 Greatest Things About Christmas


The holiday season is finally upon us, and the lights, trees, and cheer are all over. There is no better time of the year, and unless you are Scrooge or the Grinch, you are on happy camper. Here is a list of the top 25 best thing about the holiday season to get you excited! 

1. Christmas Trees: There is nothing more exciting the going to pick out a tree and gathering around with people you love to add all the lights and ornaments. It brightens up anyone’s day.

2. Chance of Snow: Who doesn’t dream of a white Christmas? Even as a kid growing up in Texas, I always hoped for snow. That small chance is what makes the holidays awesome.

3. Lights: Walking around and seeing all the pretty lights can make anyone smile. Everything just glistens more during this season.

4. Vacation Time: Whether you are a student anticipating winter break (because finals are just torture), or in the real world waiting for time off from work, vacation time is always welcomed.

5. Hot Chocolate: Hot Chocolate warms the soul, and this is the best season for it.

6. Ornaments: The holiday decorations are everywhere, and the cute knick-knacks add the best cheer no matter where you’re at.


7. Christmas Parties: There are so many parties during this season! Everyone wants an excuse to stand under mistletoe, drink spiked eggnog, and spread the cheer.


8. Ugly Christmas sweaters: An excuse to wear an ugly sweater is always acceptable. No one can tell me they don’t secretly love wearing these awful awful sweaters.

9. Presents: The holidays shouldn’t be about the presents, but we all secretly love getting them. How can anyone not look forward to unwrapping a gift and being surprised?


10. Treats: This is one of the few seasons where treats are abundant, and there are no limits to how many candy canes, gingerbread men, or peppermint bark you can eat.

11. Stockings: Stockings are pretty awesome, unless you get coal in yours. Then they are pretty terrible.

12. Snuggling: It’s cold outside, and this is the season to warm up with someone. There is no better time to snuggle up with someone in front of a movie with some hot chocolate.

13. Ice Skating: Haven’t personally been ice skating because I am the most uncoordinated person on earth, but I always secretly wish I could join all the happy faces out on the skating rink.

14. Mistletoe: Is there any better excuse to bump into that special someone under some mistletoe?

15. Carols and Music: Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, Winter Wonderland, Let It Snow, and all those others that we can help but hum to during this season.

16. Santa: Old Saint Nick brought wonder and joy to us as children, and still is secretly a favorite for adults.

17. Christmas Sales: Everyone always goes on and on about Black Friday. After all the riots and angry mobs, the best time to go shopping is during the holiday season.

18. Eggnog: Eggnog is great, spiked eggnog is even better.

19. Gingerbread houses and men: A house made out of cookies and candy? It must be the holidays!

20. Time of giving: The holidays also bring out the best in others, because it is important to make sure that we remember those who are less fortunate.

21. Time with friends and family: Friends and family are fantastic, and this is the time to gather and remember how lucky we are to have people around us who love us. Family can sometimes be unbearable, but at the end of the day, they will always be there.

22. Snowmen: Building snowmen is so much fun, and if you are lucky enough to have snow during the holiday season, a snowman is in order.

23. Classic Christmas Movies: Christmas movies time is upon us, and it is time to pull out old favorites and get cozy.

24. The Holiday Cheer: The entire season brings a little extra bounce in your step, a smile to your face, and just all around happiness. It is such an amazing time of the year.

25. The Chance to feel like a kid again: Whether you are 5 or 85, the holiday season is a time to really just enjoy yourself and reflect on all the good things in life.


Happy holidays everybody!