Why Liberty is Essential to Civility


No man shall be a more fervent servant than I to the idea of civility and all that is associated with the creation, preservation, and benefits a civil society bestows upon its subjects. Notwithstanding, I also understand, stand behind, and stand for the inevitable violent means by which civility is so often birthed and reared.

The infamous words of Patrick Henry, that great instigator of liberty, civility, and patriotism, ring vibrantly in every aspect of civility. So basic is the idea of civility through liberty that its very essence presents itself in the foundational declaration of the freest nation this great earth has ever had the honor of hosting.

“We hold these truths to be self evident … that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights …” Those great founders who took upon their shoulders the creation of a more perfect union understood the Union’s perfection solely depends on those unalienable rights of individual man: rights which propels and encourages man to achieve happiness in whatsoever pursuit he chooses within the constraints of other’s unalienable rights.

Thus created is the most profitable and free union on earth. Also created is the very fundamental role of any governing body over free men. To maintain these securities, men must be allowed election amongst themselves, a council to oversee, govern, and protect. It thus becomes apparent that communities of free men govern themselves to their needs. To a larger group such as a more perfect Union, communities must also be allowed to elect among themselves representatives for that Union. This union, whether a country, state, or nation, must still only consider the affairs of those it governs. How can one body of governance consider the affairs of all within? This question stands as trivial when considering small communities. The question naturally turns, as “how can a local governance NOT represent the needs of that locale?” Thereto, any larger governing body must not broaden its scope for governing, but must focus on only protecting unalienable rights for all within its boundaries. For how can it fairly do anything other?

Exhaustively explored is this concept in the documents “The Federalist” and “Anti Federalist” papers. Great danger for the free man looms with broad government. As such, the scope and power of the grand council must be and have been enumerated in our blessed Constitution. The source of all patriotism derives from the protection of unalienable rights by a federal body thus forming a “more perfect union.”

It has recently become apparent that through several decades of incremental borrowing of unenumerated or misinterpreted powers, the great council of our Union now only represents themselves and the shallow name of the Union rather than those unalienable rights for which they swore to protect. History now finds a repeating of itself with a governing body thrusting agendas neither enumerated nor desired through and by the freeman. Letters, cries, please, protests, and violent acts have been ignored and even mocked for decades. What choice is left to the free men of this great Union, I ask? Is it necessary to “dissolve the political bands” and “declare the causes which impel them to the separation?” When left without appropriate representation in a governing body, when left prostrate and unable to drive back tyrannical taxation through peaceful means, when left with empty pockets while facing a fat governing body, what choice is left to the free man? Let this letter precede the inevitable to you sitting on your legislative thrones. The relentless desire to govern where governance is neither wanted, needed, nor enumerated will end you. The free men and women of this glorious Union will squirm, kick, and bring terrible pain to those holding them in this womb of governmental prison. Only so far will a free man be coaxed to remain in that dark womb with false pretenses of a greater good and lasting security. And I promise that when the natural course of man leads to its bursting from this false womb, no army or force will hold back the tide of liberty. The very essence of this incredible Republic resides in individual freedom: freedom of self-governance. The current virus of thought that a federal government can broadly legislate for the greater good will eventually bring about death to the host unless the virus is irradiated. My fellow Americans, when you place yourself between the unstoppable force that is freedom and the immovable object that is unalienable rights, you are in dire jeopardy of exhaling your final legislating breath.

Let this letter serve as foresight. Treading in areas neither allowed nor wanted will only cause the deadly snake to sink its fangs deep into the calf of tyranny.

Give me Liberty or give me death!