Mark Sanchez Better Try Modeling, Because He Cannot Play Football


Fed up New York Jets coach Rex Ryan decided this Sunday to bench quarterback Mark Sanchez, according to USA Today

And since Tim Tebow, who was traded in March from the Denver Broncos, is inactive following a rib injure, the Jets' quarterback responsibilities against the Arizona Cardinals fell on the shoulders of untested Greg McElroy.  

According to ESPN's Sports Nation, Sanchez played "horribly," throwing three interceptions and completing only 10 of 21 passes for 97 yards as the Jets fell behind, 3-0. However, the stunning move surprised everyone — McElroy included — since the new non-Tebow, non-Sanchez Jets quarterback "had no previous game experience and [...] didn't take any first-team practice reps during the week."

And it seems as though many of the Jets fans that were longing for a quarterback change all season, and couldn't bring themselves to like neither Tebow nor Sanchez, finally received what they wanted. 

McElroy, a seventh-round draft selection in 2011, "made an immediate impact against the Cardinals" — according to ESPN — " hooking up with Jeff Cumberland for a 1-yard touchdown pass that capped a 10-play drive gave the Jets a 7-3 lead."