Les Miserables Review: Everyone Sings All the Time, and It is Amazing


If you can’t wait until the Christmas Day premier of the newest film adaptation of the musical, Les Miserables, you can catch five new extended clips just released by Working Title Films. EW notes that, “They are mostly ensemble numbers, emphasizing the musical dialogue between characters. That decision is clearly aimed at introducing those less familiar with Les Mis to the fact that it is not just a musical, but all singing.”

That’s right, this isn’t just a burst-out-into song at random interludes kind of film, but one in which the majority of the dialogue is delivered with a melody.

In this month’s issue of Vogue -- featuring Anne Hathaway, who plays tragic heroine Fantine -- the actress said the cast got comfortable with singing around each other all the time by gathering every Friday at Russell Crowe’s (Javert’s) apartment to have a drunken sing-along. We would have done unspeakable things to attend those kiki’s.

Instead, you can pretend you were part of Crowe’s karaoke nights with the following clip round up of the cast singing in various other roles.

1. Russell Crowe, “Hot Patootie—Bless My Soul” from The Rocky Horror Show.

2. Amanda Seyfried, “Honey Honey” from Mama Mia.

3. Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway, 81st Annual Oscar's Opening Number.

4. Helena Bonham Carter, “By the Sea” from Sweeney Todd.