Justice League Movie: Darkseid Revealed As Bad Guy in an Avengers Homage


So we're all officially excited about the Justice League movie right? Right. We've chatted about a few things already; like how Joseph Gordon-Levitt won't be our Batman, but if we're really good Henry Caville might be Superman. We've also discussed how there might even be some more tie-in links between Justice League and Man of Steel (excitement). Now, there are a few more rumbling details on what we should expect for the summer 2015 movie. Namely, Latino Review has revealed who the Justice League will face off against ... aka, we know who the bad guy is. 

And who will it be? Drum roll please ... the bad guy in Justice League will be Darkseid, that menacing monarch from the planet Apokolips. So Superman, the Green Lantern, Batman, Wonderwoman and Flash will be teaming up to fight a battle of inter-planetary proportions. Probably a wise choice for the powers-that-be as to get all these heroes on one team, the battle had to be epic.

So who is this Darkseid? Only one of the most powerful gods in the DC Comics pantheon. Superman is the only one of the heroes who has come class to beating him, so it seems like the Justice League will do a lot of leaning on the man of steel's powers. 

The choice of Darkseid echoes the Marvel choice of using Thanos as the villain in The Avengers, but hey, if the formula works it works. 

What do you think of the choice of Darkseid? Is he the right villain for the flick?