What Happens If Kate Middleton Has Twins


Kate Middleton is pregnant. But that's not news to you is it? Kate and Wills certainly do not need anymore reason for the entire world to be falling over their feet in admiration of their royal beauty, but here we are, falling once again. In a juicy plot twist that would put the best soap opera to shame, there are now murmurs that Ms. Kate might indeed be pregnant with twins. If twins are the case, there are a lot of questions that come up about which twin would take precedence in terms of being heir to the throne. 

All this twin talk is a direct product of Kate's hospitalization due to hyperemesis gravidarm (HG), an acute form of morning sickness that the duchess is suffering from. The public is now in this all out twin tizzy because HG often affects women who are pregnant with multiples, aka twins. 

But if Kate gives birth to twins, which twin gets throne priority? Unsurprisingly, the heir will be the first one born. Even if baby 1 is born 20 seconds before baby 2, baby 1 has a higher priority in the line of sucession, no matter the gender. If Kate has one baby, that baby will be third in line to the throne behind Prince Charles and then Prince William. If Kate has two babies they will be third and forth in line to the throne, both of them ahead of Prince Harry. 

If Kate has to undergo a Cesarean section, a common practice in the case of twins, there will be a whole new can of worms, as the doctor will essentially determine which baby will be the third in line to the British throne. The doctor will be the one determining which baby is born first. 

As Kate is only 12 weeks along, we still have months and months of royal baby speculation ahead of us. Don't burn out just yet. We still need to place bets about royal eye color, and royal baby names.