Joe Biden Gaffe: Vice President Congratulates Republican Child Molester


On November 19, Vice President Joe Biden sent a congratulatory letter to Eric Bodenweiser, a Republican state Senate candidate who withdrew from Delaware's 19th District race in October after he was charged with raping a boy — 39 times — between 1987 and 1990, reported NewsBusters.

Bodenweiser, who won with almost 60% f the vote, subsequently bowed out of his decisive win citing "personal reasons" (among them, information provided by his alleged victim who was 13 years old when the child abuse began and is now in his 30s).

Biden, who served as a Delaware senator before becoming vice president, was somewhat cleared by The Delaware Online which said that even though "Biden is known for the close ties he’s kept to his home state, [he] somehow [...] missed one of the biggest, strangest Delaware political stories of the last election — to somewhat embarrassing effect."

But that hasn't stopped conservative-leaning news outlets — such as The Daily Caller — from decrying what they see as "the liberal media cover up of stories that can be unfavorable to the administration."

Weight in: do you think the conservative media has a valid point this time?