Joe Biden Gaffe of Gaffes: Congratulates Rapist On Nonexistent State Senate Victory


Joe Biden has consistently put his foot in his mouth, due to his lack of filter, during his four-decade career in Washington. Biden's latest gaffe is indicative of this. He sent a personalized letter to Eric Bodenweiser, Delaware’s Republican state senate candidate congratulating him on his nonexistent victory. Biden (or someone from his office) failed to do his homework however, because Bodenweiser withdrew from the race due to allegations of raping a boy 39 times between 1987-1990. Is this the biggest Biden "oops" yet? It certainly looks that way:

Bodenweiser was charged with 113 felony counts, 39 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, and 74 counts of unlawful sexual contact with the victim, now 30. Upon his dropping out of the race, former Georgetown, Delaware mayor Brian Pettyjohn won 59.8% of the vote with a write-in campaign.

A November 6 court order granted Pettyjohn the Republican ballot in the Delaware 19th District senate race. However, the Commissioner of Elections website was required by law to display Bodenweiser’s name.  On the site’s homepage, there is a disclaimer in red letters stating that votes for Bodenweiser were actually votes for Pettyjohn.

Although Joe Biden was a victim of the mix up, his mistake could have easily been avoided provided he (or his staff) paid closer attention to his home state. The vice president’s good intentions were overshadowed by a very careless (and perhaps idiotic) mistake. Now cue the Joe Biden awkward apology.