Christie vs Booker for NJ Governor 2013: The Next Big American Political Drama


The culmination of all the hype and build-up behind this presidential race left a substantial void in the discourse, and thoughts, of political junkies, and even the nation as a whole. Many have attempted to fill that void with speculation on the 2016 presidential election, guessing at what candidates will be in the picture for their respective parties. The problem is that A LOT can change in four years; figures will fall, and others will rise.

Fortunately, there is a solution for filling this void that does not rely on, as statisticians say, extrapolation. The fix is the 2013 New Jersey gubernatorial race.

On one hand, you have national GOP powerhouse, Gov. Chris Christie, who is one of the common front-runners people have put forward in their speculation on the 2016 election. His “rock star-like ascension in the party” has been on the back of his controversial, unrestrained method of politics, which refreshes some constituents fed up with all too typical synthetic politicking.

In most races Christie would likely walk away with it, but that will not be the case for this one. He most likely will be facing Newark Mayor Cory Booker, with his superhero status. Booker has seemingly conjured a national presence overnight, with his heroic antics, selfless commitment to constituents, and many other too-good-to-be-true characteristics and acts (shown through his 1,000,000+ followers amassed on Twitter).

What make this clash of the titans even more tantalizing are the pair’s bona fide friendship and willingness/commitment to reaching across the aisle. Furthermore are the apparent diametric personalities of the two: Christie with his boisterous, unorthodox tactics and Booker with his suave, polished ingratiation.

Last week, a poll of the potential race suggested that the governor was the heavy favorite, but this is only a preliminary assessment. This isn’t to say that after all is said and done this wouldn’t hold up, but only that a lot can still change in one year. Firstly, the outside presences in this race would assuredly be fulsome, with an egregious amount of money spent. There are no national races occurring, with it not even being a mid-term year and both figures have strong national presences. Each significantly contributes to nationwide efforts, attending many fundraisers and indubitably garnering many I-O-U’s in the process.

Each party would heavily involve themselves in this race, seeing as it very well may have national implications both for the present political climate and for the political futures of each respective rising star. A win for either candidate, or party at that, would be monumental, and a loss could be detrimental.

Although it may not have quite the vigor of a presidential race, it certainly will be enough to appease those of us with a political appetite and is much more relevant to discourse and thoughts in the here and now. Although, as admitted, a lot can change in a year, speculation on 2013 races are much more likely to be accurate and meaningful than their counterparts on the 2016 races.

That is why the 2013 New Jersey gubernatorial race is "The Next Big Race" and the one that should be grabbing your attention.