The 10 Funniest Kramer Moments of All Time


According to TV Guide, Michael Richards, who is best-known for playing Cosmo Kramer on NBC's Seinfeld, will return to television. Richards will co-star with Kirstie Alley in Giant Baby on  the cable network TV Land:

"Giant Baby stars Alley as Madison 'Maddie' Banks, a Broadway star whose life is turned upset down when Arlo (Eric Petersen), her long-lost son, shows up hoping to reconnect after the death of his adopted mother. Richards will play Maddie's limo driver. As previously announced, Alley's Cheers co-star Rhea Perlman will play Maddie's assistant and best friend."

In other words, Giant Baby will feature some of the Ghosts of Television Past. I haven't much interest in watching this show, but I thought it would provide a good excuse to list the 10 funniest Richards performances as Kramer.

10. The Junior Mint

9. Kramer warns Jerry not to shave his chest

8. Kramer chugs a beer while smoking

7. Kramer the pimp

6. Kramer on marriage

5. Kramer tries boxer shorts before going commando

4. Kramer caves in "The Contest"

3. Kramer punches Mickey Mantle

2. Kramer gets too much novacaine at the dentist

1. Kramer fights off a mugger