Montgomery Burns of The Simpsons Explains the Fiscal Cliff


As of late, The Simpsons has been getting mighty political. In 2008 Homer Simpson voted for Obama, or at least attempted to vote for Obama. Instead, a faulty electronic voting machine logged Homer's Obama vote as six votes for John McCain: Simpsons political statement number one.

In 2012, Homer's voting experience was decidedly less light-hearted than the faulty electronic voting snaffu of 2008. In the 2012 video, Homer heads to the polls passing a Romney sign that reads, "I Have a House in Your State," and an Obama sign that reads, "Keep Hoping." As a "40-year-old white guy who didn't go to college and gets all his news from from monitors at gas stations," Homer ends up voting for Romney. 

Now, The Simpsons is taking on the fiscal cliff. While waiting for a phone call from Karl Rove (and sitting next to his copy of Nate Silver Can't Add,) Springfield's resident rich billionaire, Montogmery Burns, explains the fiscal cliff in layman's terms. "Think of the economy as a car and the rich man as the driver. If you don't give the driver all the money, he will drive you over a cliff. It's just common sense." 

Whatever will The Simpsons explain to us next?