Rihanna Diamonds Song Steals the Show at VS 2012 Fashion Show


Victoria's Secret may want to consider give singer Rihanna a spot in next year's lingerie extravaganza because the 'Good-Girl-Gone-Bad' totally stole the show at last night's airing of the pre-taped event on CBS (it also probably won't hurt having a more diverse group of models next year). 

RiRi outshone not only musical performers Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars, but also the models themselves who — after finishing the show — let Chris Brown's on-and-off girlfriend catwalk on the runaway, bringing the whole venue down as she closed the event.

The legendary lingerie show, which started in 1995, was produced in a more reality television-oriented format this year as the models were featured throughout the broadcast in intimate and confessional interviews where they talked about the things regular girls (not unreachable 'Angels') enjoy and are drawn to; namely, guys who show respect "because that's sexy" and what it feels like trying a hundred thousand dollar-worth bra right after giving birth.  

According to Examiner, Rihanna, who has been criticized for hanging out with on-and-off boyfriend Chris Brown — who beat her on the eve of the 2009 Grammy Awards, has an important announcement to make. Are she and Brown tying the knot?