War On Christmas: Jon Stewart Destroys Ridiculous Fox News Myth


On Monday, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart featured one of its best opening segments in memory. Stewart spent a solid seven minutes debunking the silly "war on Christmas" narrative being pushed by Fox News. That network has become the number one cable news network by tapping into the insanely overdeveloped white Christian persecution complex that afflicts millions of Americans who believe that at any given moment, their way of life is under attack by a nefarious cabal of heathen secularists bent on cultural domination. 

The hilarious segment is worth watching in full for all its insight alone.

Many conservatives misinterpret attempts by secularists to remove nativity scenes and other religious imagery from public property as an effort to ruin Christmas. Bill O'Reilly has perhaps been the most outspoken on this issue. The self-described "culture warrior" has decried atheists and secularists as "fascists" because they take the position that the government should not in any way promote any religion, including allowing public property to be used to display inherently religious visuals and messaging. As Stewart points out, O'Reilly went so far as to claim that Christianity is not a religion — a view held by virtually no one — in order to justify displaying religious scenes on public property!

The latest nativity scene hullabaloo came in Santa Monica, where the city decided to disallow all religious displays in a public park for the first time in 59 years. The ban was challenged in federal court, but was upheld when a judge ruled that because the park is public property, the city may decide to implement an across-the-board ban on religious displays.