Why Alan Simpson Wants You to Stop Instagramming Your Breakfast


Former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson (R), the chairperson of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, has a message for millennials regarding America's $16 trillion national debt and how to fix the issue by using social media. 

"Stop Instagraming your breakfast, and tweeting your 'first world problems,' and getting on YouTube so you can see 'Gangnam Style," says Simpson on an awesome YouTube video in which he coincidentally also dances to PSY's wildly viral K-pop video. 

The former senator is asking millennials to instead use those "precious social media skills" to sign "three people a week" up on TheCanKicksBack.org, a "non-partisan, millennial-driven campaign to fix the national debt and reclaim our American Dream," according to a definition by the organization's website. 

TheCanKicksBack.org believes, "young Americans have the most to lose if Washington keeps kicking the can down the road, and our future along with it." They say it's time "we kick back and demand a solution to our $16 trillion and growing national debt."

Simpson's TCKB intends to "educate, organize and mobilize over 100,000 young people to pressure elected officials achieve a bold, balanced and bipartisan deficit reduction agreement by July 4, 2013."