Mykayla Comstock Parents Defend Allowing Their 7 Year Old to Use Medical Marijuana


Mykayla Comstock, a 7-year-old Oregon leukemia patient, is in the middle of a national controversy involving the right of young cancer patients to use medical marijuana, reported The Daily Beast

Mykayla is one of Oregon's youngest medical marijuana patients. And a newly registered member of the state’s Medical Marijuana Program, thanks to which her family is supplied with cannabis butter since June when "a basketball-size tumor" was found in her chest.

The 7-year-old has consumed a daily gram of cannabis oil, encapsulated in a pill, since shortly after her diagnosis. And Mckayla's parents — who are totally OK with her daughter’s use of the drug — say the leukemia quickly went into remission, allowing the child to cope with the treatment's side effects. Besides, Mckayla told The Daily Beast that she likes the way cannabis makes her laugh. “It’s like everything’s funny to me,” she said. 

Mykayla’s cannabis use gained attention because of a The Oregonian piece about her. And Mykayla’s mother, Erin Purchase, says she’s since received phone calls from producers from Dr. Phil and Anderson Cooper. 

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