Glenn Beck and Vince Vaughn Team Up on New Reality TV Series: 3 Things You Are Likely to See


News broke on Wednesday that Vince Vaughn and Glenn Beck are teaming up on a new reality TV series, “Pursuit of the Truth.” It will follow documentary filmmakers as they investigate the kinds of topics that Beck is known for.

“We will be looking for stories that simply need to be told,” Beck said on his morning show. “I’d love to see something on the Federal Reserve, the game that’s being played there. I would love to see something on why capitalism is actually a good thing, why it’s not a bad thing.”

The series will air in the spring of 2013. A lot of heads are turning, on Twitter at least, at the mention of Vince Vaughn in the same breath as Glenn Beck. The former is reportedly a Ron Paul Republican, so there may be some synergies there, and heads up his own production outfit, Wild West Productions, which is aptly named for this series it’s about to take part in.

What are a few others documentaries we're likely to see?

1)   What if the federal government didn’t exist. I could see this being a documentary about a small town or community that is more or less off the grid and extolls the virtues of living “without interference.” Pastoral, nostalgic, devoid of access ramps for the disabled...

2)   Can we secede? I could see this one being based on Texas’ “efforts” to secede from the United States, including a look at all the legal, political, and social ramifications of doing so, with the conclusion that it can be done and would be “liberating.”  

3)   Implementing the gold standard. This one could be based around a community that is living off something like the gold standard or an alternative currency. Ironically, the filmmakers would probably have to travel to Burning Man, but I’m sure there’s a conservative version of the famed desert festival out there somewhere.

Got in any other ideas? Applications are being accepted.