Jacintha Saldanha Suicide Prompts Twitter Conspiracy Theories


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, King Edward VII Hospital, and Jacintha Saldanha's family have all released statements to the press expressing their sadness over the tragic death of the nurse who apparently committed suicide. Her death came two days after she fell for a radio prank and accidentally released private information about Kate Middleton’s health.

King Edward VII Hospital’s statement called Saldhana a “first class nurse” and said, “everyone is shocked by the loss of a much loved and valued colleague."

Her family, a husband and two children, said that they’re ‘deeply saddened,’ and asked for the press to respect their privacy and direct all inquiries to the police.

And an official statement from the royal family reads:

“Their Royal Highnesses were looked after so wonderfully well at all times by everybody at King Edward VII Hospital, and their thoughts and prayers are with Jacintha Saldanha’s family, friends and colleagues at this very sad time.” 

Scotland Yard has investigated, but doesn’t suspect foul play in the nurse’s death. It will likely be ruled a suicide. But if you believe the conspiracy theories on Twitter, the participation of Scotland Yard would be no surprise. Dozens of skeptics are speculating that Saldanha was “taken out” by MI6 for revealing sensitive information about the royal family.

Here’s what some had to say:

While it may seem surprising that someone would commit suicide over a prank call, let’s not let this turn into an episode of The Hour.