Buckwild MTV: Why Senator Joe Manchin Wants the New Show Cancelled


Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) wants MTV to cancel its upcoming show Buckwild, which is set to premier on January 3, 2013, at 10 p.m.reported Yahoo News

Manchin thinks the show, set in Charleston, offers a "just wrong" portrayal of young people in his state.   

Buckwild, "an authentic comedic series," follows an "outrageous" group of childhood friends from the rural foothills of West Virginia — according to the show's website.   

But Senator Manchin is not impressed with it. And he reportedly sent a letter to MTV president Stephen K. Friedman asking him "to reconsider airing this show."

"Instead of showcasing the beauty of our people and our state, you preyed on young people, coaxed them into displaying shameful behavior [...] and now you are profiting from it," Manchin wrote.

The Buckwild controversy mirrors the 2009 MTV debut of infamous show Jersey Shore, which was criticized for portraying Italian-American youth in a stereotypical manner. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie led the charge back then, calling the show "a negative for New Jersey" and revoking $420,000 in state tax credits for the show.     

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Is Buckwild the next Jersey Shore?

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