Hanukkah 2012: 5 Ways To Make A DIY Menorah


If you’re like me, Hanukkah can sneak up on you. With the Festival of Lights beginning at sundown on Saturday, many young people are finding themselves sans menorah, that ubiquitous family item previously taken for granted.

For all the alleged commercialization of the holiday season, those suckers are also surprisingly difficult to find, outside of a Temple gift shop.

But never fear. PolicyMic has rounded up five easy, DIY ways to make your own menorah, and all on a budget. Al lo davar — you’re welcome.

1. The Playdough menorah.

This classic childhood craft project can now be executed with adult finesse, aka drunk, and will look exactly the same as it did when you were 5-years old.

1. Roll out nine balls of dough, and shape into cubes. Make one slightly larger than the rest.

2. Attach cubes together in a row on a flattened base.

3. Put a large candle in the center and four smaller candles on either side.

2. The marshmallow menorah.

DIY and delicious! Make a new one each night if you can’t help snacking.

1. Take nine marshmallows and color with food coloring, if desired.

2. Glue to paper plate and insert candles. Extra points for using frosting glue and s’more graham cracker and chocolate base.

3.  The votive candle menorah.

You are fancy. I bet you even have a table-runner and shit. Nothing says adult living like decorative mood lighting. If you don’t already own votive candles and holders for your innumerable dinner parties, they can easily be picked up at any dollar store.

1. Arrange eight small votives in holders around a larger candlestick and long stemmed candle.

2. Light, and voila!


4. The wineglass menorah.

This can even, if you must, be executed with red solo cups.

1. Find eight small wineglasses or highball glasses and one larger goblet.

2. Fill with sand or decorative pebbles (again, check out the dollar store).

3. Insert candles.

5. The Lego menorah.

This by far requires the most skill, yet will garner the most glory.

1. Aquire Legos.

2. Copy image below.

3. Congratulate yourself for being awesome.

Chag Sameach!