Christmas 2012 Gifts: 5 Unique Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything


There’s about two weeks left until Christmas, and holiday shopping is at its peak. If you’re like me, you want to avoid the hordes crowding stores like sweet baby Jesus’ life depends on it.

But some people on your list are incredibly hard to shop for. They have everything they need, or their taste is impossible to predict. These people necessitate an actual trip to the mall/holiday bazaar/7-11 to wander around and hope for inspiration to strike. Or do they?

Here’s a roundup of our top 5 favorite unique gifts to please even the most jaded of recipients, all of which are available to order online.

1. An inflatable flying shark

You guys! It has a remote control. It will swim through the air powered by helium and four AAA batteries. Your dog will freak out. Your mom will giggle. It’s a flipping flying shark — no one will expect this gift.

2. Batman ice cube tray

BATMAN! Everyone on my list is getting these this year. Perfect for a vodka Red Bull, Go Go Juice, or any other beverage that comes in a color not found in nature.

3. Boozy chocolate bonbons

My brother introduced me to this spirited chocolate company, Twice the Vice, and I will never give Godiva again. The holiday collection has chocolates filled with 18-year old single malt scotch, bourbon, and chocolate martini mix. There’s also mint julep, margarita, and white Russian chocolates for sale.

4. Foldable portraits

Send the company, Foldable Me, a picture and they’ll create an original origami doppelganger. Definitely beats another framed portrait.

5. Picnic Pants

There’s a party in my pants. Or there would be, if I had these bad boys. You can sit criss-cross-applesauce and eat your meal like a lady. Amazing.