Hanukkah 2012: 3 Holiday Foods to Make, Besides Latkes


Jews and food go together like moms and guilt. Yet other than latkes, those delicious, labor intensive, fried potato pancakes we make for the holiday, there aren’t many Hanukkah foods that come to mind.

It turns out though; there are a few other ways to celebrate the Maccabees and your belly.

1. Hanukkah Sufganiyot, or jelly donughts.

Sorry white people, these belong to the chosen people. In Israel, you can find sufganiyot as street food around Hanukkah, as part of the tradition of eating fried foods to commemorate the miracle of the burning Temple oil.

These sweet treats basically involve making dough, frying it in hot oil, and piping jelly inside. Taste for Adventure and Cake Hunter offer some great recipes for the home cook.

2. Dreidel cookies filled with gelt.

These may not be the most traditional, but who ever said anything about Santa getting cookies in the Bible? If Christians make sugar cookies and call it a holiday ritual, so can we.

Conservative rabbi and baking blogger Shoshana has the great idea of making dreidel shaped sugar cookies and then assembling them like piñatas with gelt (chocolate Hanukkah coins) inside.

3. Coconut chocolate macaroons.

Ok, so I’m cheating. Macaroons are technically a Passover desert, but since most things that are kosher for Passover are hella gross, it’s always good to have a flourless option in your repertoire. Might as well perfect it.

This recipe promises a toasty outside and chewy inside, with half the usual amount of sugar, for a not too sweet treat.

Anybody else have favorite holiday recipes to share?