Gmail Blackout: This is The End of The World Mayans Predicted


Gmail is down.

This morning both Google's email service and web browser — Chrome — have been back and forth leaving millions of users in the dark and wondering what a day without Google would be like?

Thank god for Twitter, the site that restores some of your sanity when the office or school deadlines creep up and you're left without being able to blame evil Time Warner Cable for not being able to finish that project on time. 

Is this it? Some on Twitter are talking about Gmail-pocalypse. Perhaps, this is what the Mayans predicted it would happen in 2012: a world ending without natural disasters or atomic attacks, just the isolation of being left without your Gchat, your favorite and — until know — reliable web browser (never mind all the applications and services you take for granted on a daily basis). This the mother of all the First World Problems. 

However, not all is lost. If you find yourself sipping on your latte and sobbing over your computer screen unable to ping kitty pictures to your coworker next to you. Read PolicyMic's own Jordan Wolf's 3 ways to survive the Google mail crash.  

In the meantime, entertain yourself with some #Gmail.