Gmail Crash: 10 Things to Do at The Office While Gmail is Down


Gmail is down, then it's up again. Wait, it's gone again. Argggg. 

While Twitter traffic explodes with Google users searching for news about Gmail's newest blackout, students and workers from thousands of companies and schools that rely on Gmail are trying to figure out how to continue with their lives today (at least, until someone from the larger-than-life company comes out with some kind of reassuring explanation that our lives are actually not over and that this is not the end of the world, as Mayans predicted).

Read 3 ways to survive the Google outage.  

So, what to do while Gchat is down:

1. Draw a cartoon and fax it over to someone

2. Do origami with pages from your co-worker's Cosmo

3. Instagram your seventh coffee of the day

4. Rehearse "Gangnam Style"

5. Plot a Gmail down conspiracy theory

6. Use a carrier pigeon to ask co-workers what they had for lunch

7. Search PSY's anti-American video on YouTube

8. Send someone a handwritten note

9. Make a phone call

10. Hit "refresh" again.