John McAfee Sells Rights to Life Story: Charlie Sheen Should Play McAfee


It was just a matter of time before John McAfee, the internet anti-virus pioneer who is detained in Guatemala following a murder investigation in neighboring Belize, inspired a movie. But, boy, that escalated quickly.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, McAfee, the bath salts enthusiast, "entrusted his life story to Montreal-based TV producer Impact Future Media." Brian Fitzgerald and Francois Garcia, co-founders of the film company, confirmed it to THR: “He (McAfee) trusts that we will honor his life story in an honest and truthful manner,” Fitzgerald said. 

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And who better to play the role of the tech-guru-gone-bad than similarly embattled entertainer Charlie Sheen? The former star of CBS's wildly popular sitcom Two and a Half Men knows a thing or two about both being incredibly successful and also falling from grace (remember his March 2011 epic meltdown amid his dismissal by the producers and subsequent replacement with Ashton Kutcher?). Besides, that self-fulfilling FX sitcom Anger Management doesn't seem to be going anywhere (if it's still airing at all). So, why not trying at immortalizing another fallen American icon? Challenge accepted? #winning.