The 15 Celebrities Who Are Twitter's Biggest Stars of 2012


As the end of the year approaches us, the time has come to reminisce all the moments unique to 2012. We look back on all the scandal, mischief, humor, and all the other madness that is our favorite social media site, Twitter.

What better way to recap the year than by taking a look at the biggest Twitter stars of 2012?

Political figures

Barack Obama

The president has made a comeback with his re-election, and being the POTUS with the mostus, how can’t you follow him?

Mitt Romney

Mitt gave his best during the 2012 election season, giving him super stardom, if only for a couple of months. 

Cory Booker

Talk about elite status right here. Booker has over 1 million followers, and can boast about his popularity as the mayor of Newark. We can expect big things from this guy in the years to come.

Sports stars

Cristiano Ronaldo

Maybe it’s his too pretty face and extra nice physique, or his insane soccer skills. Whatever it is, Ronaldo is the champion in terms of Twitter status.

Arian Foster

Arian Foster is the man. He is a superstar running back for the Houston Texans, is very down to earth, and just happens to be very entertaining on Twitter. He deserves a gold star. 

Lebron James

The man I love to hate. Lebron is probably one of the most annoying NBA players ever, but when someone has skills, they have skills.


Comedic Relief

Daniel Tosh

This guy has built quite a following. I always found his humor to be a little tasteless, but his 7 million+followers say otherwise. 

Conan O’Brien

I’m not usually a fun of late night talk shows, but I have to give props to Conan. He is one funny guy.

Jimmy Fallon

Anyone who can bring Tracy Morgan in to sing "Twas the Night Before Christmas" deserves far more than 7 million plus followers.


T.V. Personalities

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen has one of the best talk shows out there, and she is funny to boot. How can you not love her? 

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is Oprah. I am pretty sure she has magic powers that just make things better.

Rainn Wilson

The funniest Twitter account ever. Each tweet is like gold. He is definitely a must follow.


Music Sensations

Lady Gaga

Mother Monster has 31 million plus followers. There is no arguing that she isn’t talented. However, she scares me to no end.

Justin Bieber

Bieber fever is real, and sadly there seems to be no cure just yet. Bieber has as solid 31 million plus followers, and his fame doesn’t seem to be dwindling just yet.

Katy Perry

California girls are unforgettable. Now with her own documentary and insanely popular music, Katy Perry is definitely one of Twitter’s biggest starts of 2012.