'Star Trek Into Darkness' Extended Trailer: A Look At All the Spoilers in the 9 Minute Trailer


Fellow Trekkies and Trekkers, lend me your communicators! One of the many days we have been looking forward to is finally here. Those of us going to see The Hobbit in IMAX will no doubt be excited for the movie. And we'll be equally excited to see the advanced prologue preview for the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness.

Over the past few weeks, Director J.J. Abrams has been leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for fans across the world to follow. So far, we are able to piece together an awesome picture of what this new Trek installation will contain. Here is what we know so far, and what we hope we will see during the Star Trek Into Darkness preview that will be show this weekend ahead of The Hobbit

This is coming just a scant few days after the first teaser trailer popped up on the internet. 

With 2009's Star Trek, director Abrams did the impossible. He took an aging franchise that had been put on the backburner, recast a seemingly irreplaceable cast and turned it into a hit with the perfect mix of action and heart. Since then, people have been wondering if lightening will strike twice. Will we get The Empire Strikes Back, or will we be left with Trolls 2?

If the amount of mystery surrounding this film is any indication, we're going to be getting one hell of a movie. Recently, sources close to the film have revealed a little bit of what we can expect during the 9-minute preview that will be shown ahead of The Hobbit in IMAX.

Screen Rant has said that the film opens up with a brief sequence that may seem rather detached at first, but helps to introduce characters that will later prove vital to the film. Later on fans will be introduced to a more experienced crew of the USS Enterprise, answering the question for some fans that would wonder if the film would jump ahead several years like The Wrath of Khan, or if it would pick right up where the last one left off, like The Search For Spock.

There will also be several short scenes that will tie into the main plot of Star Trek Into Darkness, however it appears that they were intentionally left vague. This is not exactly a surprise considering how deceptive and secretive Abrams and the cast members have been. The main plot points and names of some of the characters have been more protected than some U.S. military secrets.

There will also be an appearance by the films main villain, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, although it apparently does not give much of an indication as to what his character is about. Way to keep us on the edge of our seats, J.J.!

Aside from that, we get to see a cohesive crew helming the crew of the Enterprise that has come to admire and respect one another.

Now, we have been given some additional information over the last week. After the incredible teaser trailer dropped last week, the Bad Robot website revealed the names of two new characters for this movie. Alice Eve, who some have suggested was either Nurse Chapel or Dr. Elizabeth Dehner. Now we have learned that she will be playing the character of Dr. Carol Marcus, who in the other timeline was Captain Kirk’s former flame and mother of his son, David.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s character has been under much tighter scrutiny. First people believed him to be a new take on Khan, who many would argue to be the most infamous villain in the Trek universe. Then people (including myself) believed that he could be a new take on Gary Mitchell, another villain from the original series. Now we know that Cumberbatch will be playing John Harrison.

Co-writer/producer Roberto Orci initially got those rumors going by saying that the films villain would be a character from the original series. What none of us ever expected was that it would be someone who was a very small part of the original series.

In the original timeline, John Harrison was a "redshirt." In this one, he’s a one-man weapon of self-destruction. How’s that for a butterfly effect? We should all give it up to J.J. Abrams and crew for keeping us guessing and stringing us along. The man is a master. 

As for other things we might see in the sneak 9-minute preview ahead of The Hobbit? The Klingons, including their home world of Qu’noS, will be featured prominently. Keenser, Scotty's hysterical little sidekick, will also be returning.

Will Dr. Carol Marcus be Kirk’s love interest once again? Will Admiral Pike still be confined to his wheelchair, or will he be given a cane? Who will Jonathan Gatt, Peter Weller and Nazeen Contractor and Noel Clarke be playing?

Stay tuned fellow Trekkies! This one is going to be awesome!

Those of you needing to find out where you can view the 9-minute prologue of Star Trek Into Darkness ahead of The Hobbit in IMAX can click here to find a theater near you!