The Hobbit Movie Release Date: Out Friday, Amid Controversy


Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journeythe first installment of The Hobbit trilogy, will finally premiere this Friday December 14. 

The much-anticipated prequel to The Lord of the Rings has generated news because of its storyline and stunning special effects, but it also because of controversy surrounding its production. 

First, it was a potential boycott from PETA for alleged animal mistreatment. Then, a lawsuit from Tolkien's estate regarding rights over merchandising.

The Hobbit also faced criticism for its new 3D technology and its much faster frame rate. This, reportedly, made some viewers sick.

Read about Peter Jackson defending The Hobbit's new 3D technology. 

Lastly, star Ian McKellen had supposedly revealed to Reuters earlier in the week that he had been living with prostate cancer.    

Fortunately, according to McKellen's agent, this is not true. Chris Andrews, denied to ABC News on Wednesday this report claiming it was a quote "taken out of context" and that McKellen is in good health.