Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People 2012 List: One Direction, Honey Boo Boo and Hillary Clinton Define the Year


A holiday season tradition, Wednesday night Babara Walters will air her annual 10 most fascinating people of the year interviews. As per tradition, the number one spot on her list is not revealed until broadcast time. The revealed names so far on this year's list are a cross-range of Hollywood A-listers, politicians, and musicians. 

The biggest Hollywood name so far on the 2012 list is Ben Affleck, whose spectacular professional year was crowned by his directorial turn in Argo. Other names on Walters' list include this year's Oscar host (and Family Guy creator) Seth MacFarlane, gold medalist Gabby Douglas, and British boy band One Direction. For better or worse, Alana Thompson, aka Honey Boo Boo, made the list not for her reality show but for her relationship with her mother50 Shades of Grey author, E.L. James is also a Walters' pick. 

Holding down the political fort, Walters' chose Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Governor Chris Christie. Clinton topped the list in its inaugural year, back in 1993, while she was serving as first lady. 

This leaves two empty spots on the list whose occupants are yet to be determined. Last year's number one spot went to the late Steve Jobs. In 2010 General David Petraeus came in at number one, and in 2009 that spot went to Michelle Obama. 

As for who Walters' will choose this year the public will have to wait until air time Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. on ABC. She may go the entertainment route with someone like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. Or perhaps she'll veer towards politics with the likes of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.

Who do you think Walters' should choose to complete the list?