The Lone Ranger Movie: Johnny Depp as Tonto, Is This PC?


Gore Verbinski's The Lone Ranger, premieres on July 3, 2013, starring Armie Hammer as John Reid, and legendary Johnny Depp in his much-anticipated performance as Tonto.

And MTV has already released the trailer of the movie, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and the filmmaking team behind the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

This time, the story of the famed 'masked hero' and his sidekick — the Native American spirit warrior — will translate into the big screen the legend of the two opposite heroes who are brought together by the need of combating evil along the fine line between good and, well, evil. 

And the upcoming movie won't be exempt from controversy, as some will surely decry the fact that Depp, an actor of Caucasian descent, will be playing Native American Tonto.

However, will this prevent Johnny Depp fans from flocking to the theater? 

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Watch the trailer below: