A Social Media Major? Save The Money, You Can Learn for Free


Newberry College, in Newberry, South Carolina, is now offering a social media undergraduate major, reports Upstart Business Journal.

Tania Sosiak, a Newberry associate professor of "graphic design and social media," described the new program as "a blended major of graphic design, communications, business and marketing, psychology and statistics." "It's one of the first interdisciplinary majors in social media," she added. 

But Amora McDaniel, of Upstart, says to be "on the fence" about the newly created social media undergraduate program. She raises legitimate points by emphasizing that the program could help "legitimize social media skills as a necessary business skill set." However, she also says that it could be "just another ploy to entice students to enroll in your school without giving back anything of substance in return for their tuition money."

I guess it will depend on each student and how she or he is able to take advantage and score some of the opportunities that can come with this kind of new and tech savvy program. Coursework for the major will begin in August 2013, BTW.

Weigh In: Is a social media undergraduate major even necessary?