John McCain Thinks Senator Stephen Colbert Would Fit Right In


Ever since it was known that, according to a Public Policy Polling survey, Stephen Colbert is the most popular choice to replace retiring Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) in the Senate, fans and foes of the popular Comedy Central host have gone abuzz with excitement and disgust — respectively.

One of the latter would be Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) who was asked by reporters on Tuesday about the possibility of The Colbert Report host joining him and his colleagues in the senate. 

"What would you want to teach Stephen Colbert is the comedian becomes the next senator from South Carolina," asked reporters. "How to shut up," McCain responded — albeit with a chuckle.   

Colbert, who according to the PPP poll leads the field of potential candidates to fill the seat being vacated by Republican Sen. Jim DeMint, who announced last week that he was resigning to head the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank, hasn't expressed serious intentions of becoming an actual politician (other than his push to be "President of South Carolina" back during the 2012 campaign).

However, McCain had some (kind?) words when elaborating about the possibility of Colbert joining the upper chamber. When asked what sort of senator he thinks Colbert would be, McCain said: "he would be a very valued member, in many respects, in that he seems to know everything about us, so he wouldn't have any trouble fitting in."