Marco Rubio is Going Bald


Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a conservative rising star and a potential 2016 presidential candidate, admitted on Twitter that he is going bald — reported Yahoo News

Rubio, was 'outed' by Esquire magazine's, "Hey, Marco Rubio: It's Time for a New Haircut,” article — in which the magazine advises Rubio to get a haircut to best conceal his 'ordeal.'

Damn mainstream media!

But Rubio courageously (realistically?) embraced it on Twitter.

"Esquire report on having less hair than I once did is sadly true. But good news is I am still in upper 2% in Senate," Rubio tweeted

Here's part of what the Esquire story actually said:

"Marco Rubio's doing an alright job positioning himself as the man the GOP needs to halt their receding support, but before he gets too far along there, we suggest he take some time to better manage his own thinning hair."


Whether Rubio's thinning hair will stop him from becoming president is yet to be seen. Two things: a) he has bigger challenges than a haircut on his road to the White House, and b) Prince William is also going bald, yet he landed Kate Middleton and will likely become King of England. 

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