Anne Hathaway Wardrobe Malfunction: We Love Her Classy Response


So the internet is having a hissy fit over Anne Hathaway’s recent accidental reveal, calling her the new Britney. The SAG award nominated actress was photographed sans underwear Monday night while getting out of her limo to attend the New York premier of Les Miserables.

Her tight fitting Tom Ford silk dress, with high slit, apparently did not work with panty lines. Paparazzi were poised to take that universally unflattering photo of a woman trying to haul herself out of a car in a dress and heels and got a straight shot of her unmentionables that is being dubbed, “The Full Hathaway.”

On Today (the following morning) Hathaway brushed off Matt Lauer’s “Seen a lot of you lately” snark with a straightforward acknowledgment of the incident, without apology, and then moved on to talk about her movie. While the actress was probably coached, it still takes a lot of vagina (not balls, you guys) to field a comment like that and keep your cool.

High-fives to Hathaway for keeping her head up. We are actually much more disappointed in her for going all Rooney Mara in her styling, than for going commando.