Pink Loves Consent: Victoria’s Secret Punked Using Anti Rape Slogans


So this is awesome. In other underwear news, last week the Baltimore feminist group, Force, whose mission is “upsetting rape culture,” ran an online parody campaign of Victoria’s Secret PINK ads that was so convincing, many viewers assumed it was real.

Operating under the domain name “Pink Loves Consent” the site featured photos of plus sized women of color, in the style of the official PINK marketing, which is aimed at a younger, sporty demographic.

The satire nailed the branding from the Vineyard Vine’s derivative dog mascot, to the pink and black font. But instead of “Unwrap Me” and “Ho Ho Ho” written across the crotch, the “consent-themed” panties read “ask first” or “no means no.”

Founder Hannah Brancato said the idea for the campaign was in response to a new VS panty that read, “Yes, No, Maybe.” “Instead of saying yes, no or maybe – and ‘I get to decide about what happens to my body’ — it’s like, yes, no, maybe, I don’t know. So instead of ‘No’ being a way for young women to set a boundary, it is a way for them to flirt.”

Using social media, photography, styling, and web design pro’s they made the campaign convincing and viral. V.S. has responded angrily, to the dismay of many, who thought the company was sincerely making an effort to take a stand on women’s issues.

As an allegedly women oriented brand, that is openly targeting pre-teen girls with their PINK campaign, it might have been a better idea for them to get onboard.

Check out some of the best photos from the spoof: