James Holmes Mailed Actual Burnt Money to Psychiatrist


James Eagan Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado, shooter accused of killing 12 people and injuring 57 in the July 20 midnight premiere of Christopher Nolan's the Dark Knight Rises, mailed actual burnt currency to his University of Colorado psychiatrist — according to court testimony reported by USA Today.  

Holmes, 24, made his first appearance in court three weeks after being released from the hospital where he was admitted for reportedly trying to kill himself by banging his head into a wall at the Arapahoe County jail. 

According to USA Today, Holmes, who wore a newly grown full beard, sat silently during Monday's proceedings — which were rescheduled for December 10 after the incident. 

Meanwhile, three people testified in the Arapahoe County courtroom about the contents of a package that Holmes reportedly mailed to University of Colorado psychiatrist Lynne Fenton, which was described as "a bubble envelope with a spiral notebook inside [containing] burned currency and ashes."

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