Will Marco Rubio Be America's Next Vice President?

Earlier this month, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said that he will not be the GOP's vice presidential nominee, despite strong rumors he would be a possible candidate for the ticket because of his youth and charisma.


The fact that he is a child of Cuban immigrants also makes him a strong pick for the GOP, in order to draw in minority voters.


But in a Washington Post story yesterday, questions swirled over whether Rubio had embellished the facts of his family history, notably his story that his parents fled Cuba after Fidel Castro took power. In fact, documents showed his parents had arrived more than two years before Castro's rise. 


Ahead of the 2012 elections, many wonder if the eventual GOP presidential nominee will pick a colorful VP candidate like Rubio, or other figures like Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, or former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Who do you think the GOP vice presidential nominee will be?      

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons