Dawn Hochsprung: Principal Implemented Security Protocols Months Before Shooting


A tragedy is unfolding in Connecticut where a shooter or shooters opened fire on elementary school kids and techers Friday morning.

At the beginning of this school year, Sandy Hook Elementary circulated its new security policy to parents. It states that around 9:30 am each morning the school’s doors will be locked and parents and kids will have to be let in by a school official after that time.

CBS reports that a student's father was a gunmen. ABC reports that he was 24. Theoretically, he would have received the school's security announcement. He appeared at the school Friday morning around 9:40 am.

No official word yet on how the gunman or gunmen gained entrance to the school, but it may have been right before the school was locked down and despite the fact that the school had a solid security policy in place. It looks like a "better" one would have done nothing to prevent this tragedy.

Newtown Shooting: Sandy Hook Elementary school's security procedures

Our hearts go out to everyone while this unfolds.