10 Deadliest Shootings in U.S. History


Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, killed 27 people, including 20 children. This tragedy joins what it's starting to look like a troubling and frightening routine in the United States, as the second deadliest shooting in our. Here are the other 9 deadliest shootings in the history of these United States:

1. April 16, 2007: Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia: 33 dead (32 victims, plus the shooter). Seung Hui Cho, a 23 year-old student, killed two students in a dorm, then made his way shooting through a classroom building before killing himself.

2. December 14, 2012: Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut: 27 dead (20 children, 6 adults and the shooter). Although not yet confirmed, reports suggest Adam Lanza, 20, gunned down his mother, her class, and others before killing himself.

3. October 16, 1991: Luby's Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas: 24 dead (23 victims, plus the shooter). George Hennard, 35, drove his pick-up truck through a restaurant window, climbed out and began shooting before killing himself when wounded by police.

4. July 18, 1984: McDonald's restaurant in San Ysidro, California: 22 dead (21 victims, plus the shooter). James Oliver Huberty, a 41 year-old unemployed security guard, walked into a restaurant and began shooting before being killed by police.

5. August 1, 1966: University of Texas at Austin in Austin, Texas: 17 dead (16 victims, plus the shooter). Charles Whitman, a 25 year-old former Marine sniper, shot victims from the observation deck of a campus tower before being killed by police.

6. August 20, 1986: Post office in Edmond, Oklahoma: 15 dead (14 victims, plus the shooter). Pat Sherrill, a 44 year-old letter carrier, killed his supervisor and co-workers the morning after he received a reprimand before killing himself.

7. April 20, 1999: Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado: 15 dead (13 victims, plus 2 shooters). Eric Harris, 18, and Dyland Klebold, 17, killed students and faculty at the school before killing themselves in the library.

8. April 3, 2009: Immigration Services Center in Binghamton, New York: 14 dead (13 victims, plus the shooter). Jiverly Wong, a 41 year-old student at the center, fired at others while walking to a classroom before killing himself.

9. September 6, 1949: Neighborhood in Camden, New Jersey: 13 dead. Howard Unruh, a 28 year-old army veteran, gunned down neighbors while taking a 20-minute walk near home. He was sent to a psychiatric hospital without trial when deemed paranoid schizophrenic.

10. November 5, 2009: Soldier Readiness Processing Center in Fort Hood, Texas: 13 dead. Nidal Malik Hassan, a 39-year-old army psychiatrist, has been accused of firing at a group of soldiers awaiting deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. He is waiting for trial.