Adam Lanza Shooting: How Progressives Use Murderers Like This to Advance Their Political Agenda


Before the blood had dried, and the bodies of the helpless victims had cooled, progressive politicians were jumping up and down, gleefully using the horrific deaths from Friday's Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, to advance their political agenda.

As incomprehensible as the murder of 20 young children may be, what is even more unimaginable is the sounds of satisfaction and anticipation emanating from the offices of people like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Representative Jerrold (D-N.Y.) Nadler, and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, gleefully anticipating another chance to impose new restrictions on their 'subjects.'

Make no mistake, the progressive agenda is far more important to these people than the deaths of helpless children, and the actions of these politicians and members of the progressive media prove it. Before the names were even released, they were calling for new legislation to enact their decades-old demands. Before the parents had even claimed the bodies of their children, progressive vultures were demanding government to start the confiscation of guns and ammunition.  

Even the president, who still refused to label the 2009 shooting at the Fort Hood military base in Texas an act of terror more than two years after the attack, stated that it was time for "meaningful action" which, in progressive-talk, means more gun control and restrictions for law abiding citizens.

One can only imagine the terror felt by the children in the Sandy Hook Elementary School, waiting helplessly while they were murdered, one by one. What is easy to imagine is the circle of heartless politicians and media celebrities, cavorting happily around their blood-stained bodies as they celebrated another "crisis that is too good to waste," congratulating each other: "Oh Goody, Another Massacre!"