Adam Lanza 2.0: Indiana Man Allegedly Threatens to Shoot Up Elementary School


Von I. Meyer, a 60-year-old northern Indiana man, allegedly threatened to "shoot up" a local elementary school on Friday — reported the Associated Press

However, Interim Cedar Lake Police Chief, Jerry Smith, said he doesn't believe Meyer was serious when he threatened to kill his wife as well as "as many people as he could" at a local school.

It is unclear if Meyer's wife is related to said school community.

The alleged threat, that reportedly left Meyer facing felony charges as well as detention without bond, occurred on Friday — just hours before the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting that killed 28 people (including 20 young children) in Newtown, Connecticut.  

But despite Police Chief Smith's dismissal, police said it found 47 guns — albeit antique ones — in Meyer's home.