The 8 Funniest Yelp Reviews of 2012


Apparently, 167 Golden Corral customers in Casper, Wyoming recently came down with Norovirus-like symptoms, K2 radio station reported.

Sure enough, Yelpers who had eaten at the restaurant decided to rant via “1.0 star” ratings and comments.

Here are some of the most entertaining (or offensive) of them:



But why stop at Golden Corral? Here are some of the most entertaining Yelp comments from 2012:



“That Guy’s Face”:


Here is one from a man who seems to have used Yelp to get himself out of trouble:


Alameda County Santa Rita Jail (Got 5 stars):z 

A restaurant decided to fight back against one Yelper:


Chick-fil-A Made this list twice:


Although this doesn't fit anywhere, I had to include it because it's too good not to. It's a dramatic reading of a one-star Yelp review read by actor Chris Kipiniak.

But still, the most entertaining Yelp review of 2012 goes to a four-star Indian food restaurant that made Nathan A. say, “My sense of remorse doubled this morning as it ripped its way out of me in a ragin fiery whirlwind of poopy terror”: