Adam Lanza Shooting: To Prevent More Killers, Billionaire Mort Zuckerman Donates to Mental Health Research


Real estate and publishing mogul Mortimer "Mort" B. Zuckerman has pledged $200 million to mental health research, announced Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger — according to a report by Forbes.

The funds would endow a Mind Brain Behavior Institute "to support interdisciplinary neuroscience research and discovery by scholars across the University," according to a press release from Columbia University's Office of Communications and Public Affairs. 

"This country has provided me with extraordinary opportunities, and I am glad for the chance to support scientific leadership in a field I believe is so essential to all our lives," said the Canadian-born businessman about the upcoming Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute.

According to Forbes, Zuckerman has officially joined other billionaires who have donated to brain research. Among them, Patrick McGovern, of IDG, who donated $350 million to fund the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at his alma mater, MIT, in 2000, and Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen who committed $500 million to the Allen Institute for Brain Science.