Adam Lanza Shooting: Tea Party Says George Zimmerman Would Have Stopped the Newtown Killer


A Tea Party group claimed Sunday that "had George Zimmerman been at the front door instead of some mechanical card reader," at Sandy Hook Elementary School, "those children would still be alive."

In a long message posted onto the Tea Party Nation web site, and sent out to subscribers via e-mail by Nation head Judson Phillips, author Timothy Birdnow ranted against a lengthy list of imagined causes for Adam Lanza's rampage — almost all of which turned out to be mostly irrelevant, far-right talking points.

Birdnow blamed the shootings on "a culture that has kicked God out of our collective sight, that eternally blames cultural institutions and our most cherished principles for acts of criminality rather than moral character flaws, that refuses to recognize Evil."

Birdnow went on to say that secularism "is the key to our whole cultural disintegration" and blamed the elimination of corporal punishment from schools for "14- year- old girls getting pregnant, 15- year- old boys with venereal diseases and multiple children, gang warfare, drug abuse, alcoholism, violence."

Stating "we are creating monsters in our schools," Birdnow offers a list of steps that he claims will prevent future shootings. View his curious and not-at-all extremist list of demands:

1. Home school your children: To "take away the power of radicals," despite the fact that political motives have not been attributed to any major shooting incidents.

2. Back right-to-work legislation in the public sector: Since "teacher's unions have helped cement much of this in place."

3. Talk more about race: Since far too long Tea Party members have been "fearful of being branded a racist." Birdnow mentioned that "if black thugs kidnap and rape a woman," there may be "something in the black community that fostered that." Again, this is irrelevant to the goal of stopping further massacres and seems to reflect nothing but the author's personal prejudice (Birdnow also suggested we blame shootings on the white community).

4. Stop reporting on shootings: Because "in a Godless, material world there is nothing more important than to be remembered."

5. "Call evil out" and "stop tolerating any bad behavior": Birdnow suggests that tea partiers move to confront a variety of individuals, singling out youth. Incredibly, Birdnow suggests that "[saying] something to the idiot blaring his car stereo" will do something to prevent future massacres: perhaps a direct reference to shooter Michael Dunn, who fired ten rounds killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis in a dispute over loud music in a parking lot.

6. "Work to devolve power back to the parents, the local officials, and the communities": Since "the Left has systematically destroyed the family for the purpose of empowering the State."

7. Censorship: "Restrict the sex in movies, television, on the Internet," since "sex plays no small part" in why young people commit shootings. Birdnow recommends that parents "make sure [their teens] dress modestly."

8. "Control drugs": Since "puffing a joint" is not "harmless." Stating that Trayvon Martin was "high," Birdnow cites a FreeRepublic blogger as his source (see Freeper Madness for highlights of FreeRepublic’s craziest, most offensive posts).

9. Support neighborhood watch programs like George Zimmerman's: Zimmerman was not a member of a recognized neighborhood watch.

10. "Go back to church."

Birdnow's crazy rant, which was publicized by the actual leadership of Tea Party Nation and had generated nearly 12,000 views Tuesday morning. As ThinkProgress notes, this is far from the first time that TPN has generated negative publicity. During the 2012 election season, Phillips suggested that President Obama was "a crack cocaine addict who had gay sex in the 1990s." And in 2011, TPN emailed a message from blogger Melissa Brookstone to members urging them to "not hire a single person" until "global socialism" was stopped. More recently, Phillips posted a diatribe on WorldNetDaily urging conservatives to contact their electors to tell them to refuse to participate in the Electoral College in order to prevent President Obama from entering his second term. WND issued a rare retraction, stating that Phillip's premise was "in error."

Birdnow also has contributed to American Thinker, the Canada Free Press, and PJ Media.