Adam Lanza: His Motives May Never Be Known


The Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, last week took America by storm. After we all collectively watched in horror at the 24 hour news cycle that we know is responsible for at least partially lionizing people but which we cannot turn away from, we began the search for answers.

Do we ban guns? Do we look at the mental health care available in this country? Is it because of video games, movies, and an American culture of violence?

It would be easy if it were. One of the reasons that we long for answers is because of the fact that we cannot fathom why someone would do such a thing. It is a need to find something, anything to explain it. Someone or some thing to point the blame at. On every channel there is some talking head that claims to have the answers. 

The most heartbreaking type of situation that we can ever witness is the kind that has no cause and no reason behind it. Sometimes, people who are sick just do things, and there is no direction that one can look and find an explanation. If things can be explained, they will not appear to be as random. When things are less random, we perceive them as easier to control. However, total control against violence, evil and sickness is an illusion.

Perhaps we should be grateful that we cannot understand it, however it is that lack of understanding that leads us to run around endless trying to find any answer that might possibly offer some comfort.

The sad reality is that often times, there is no answer. If by chance they do find one with Adam Lanza, they may not find one with the next unfortunate soul that chooses to commit some form of horrific evil. Rational and sane people may never be able to explain away the actions of a monster. 

Two children could grow up in an affluent neighborhood with caring parents and all of the comforts of life. They could never be exposed to violence of hatred. One will grow up to be a successful lawyer, and the other one will grow up to be a drug addict. Sometimes things just happen, and those are the times when we weep the most. 

We can blame video games and movies. We can ban guns and knives, but at the end of the day it will probably not be of much help. Those children of Sandy Hook elementary were the victims of a deeply sick individual. Sadly, there may be nothing else to say about it, other than how terrible it is.

It no longer matters whether or not Adam Lanza was the victim of poor parenting or a mental illness that was not diagnosed. He was a monster. Just like banning large sodas will not stop people from buying two smaller ones in New York City, banning video games, violent movies or guns will not lead to the cessation of suffering at the hands of evil people.